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And even worse, he requests a chat with Val at school now that everything's all over as far as he is concerned anyway where he actually asks her to have a word with another girl he likes, because she's a bit iffy on him thanks to Val. The scene between he and Val at the end just ripped my heart out. He still sees himself as the innocent victim in it all and doesn't at all realise what he did was wrong. Even when she tells him, he's all "oh, girls say no but they don't really mean it". Again, fuck you, Adam.

No means NO. She said no because she meant no.

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It's as simple as that. I hate hate hate that he got off with no more than a slap on the wrist, that Val was the one who was bullied - and given private tutoring so that she and Adam wouldn't have to be in the same classroom, when it should have been him forced to go elsewhere. I really enjoyed is that the right word?! That was just really powerful as well, her feeling guilty for being in the group with them and then finding out that most of them felt similar sorts of things as well. It wasn't too rushed or short at all. However, I would have maybe liked a bit more explanation behind the whole Mormon thing Jul 10, Elizabeth Drake rated it it was amazing Shelves: books , contemporary-fiction.

Cover Impressions : I will be honest, the cover didn't wow me.

5 Men Acquitted Of Gang Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Because the Victim Was Drunk

It was the title and synopsis that got me interested. Perhaps it looks different on the physical copy, or perhaps there is some symbolism behind the cover image that I missed. Either way - do not judge this one by it's cover! The Gist : Valerie wanted to throw a fun party and maybe flirt with her crush. She didn't know that within 24 hrs she would be labeled as The Rape Girl and that she would lose her friends, her reputation and her se Cover Impressions : I will be honest, the cover didn't wow me. She didn't know that within 24 hrs she would be labeled as The Rape Girl and that she would lose her friends, her reputation and her sense of self.

5 Men Acquitted Of Gang Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Because the Victim Was Drunk

Review : Rape Girl is one of those rare books that wraps it's tendrils around my heart and refuses to let go. I read it in pretty much one sitting, over a few hours and am still left with an overwhelming need to re-examine and discuss it. I want to make my friends read it, I want to bombard the author with my questions and, more than any of those, I want to get multiple copies for my classroom. The first few chapters of this book are divided into Before and After.

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This is incredibly effective and reflects the way that many victims will always structure their memories. While we follow Valerie's rape and the aftermath, we do not get the graphic descriptions that can be common in other books on this subject and this allows it to maintain appropriateness for teens.

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Throughout this novel, we are privy to Valerie's inner thoughts and feelings as her friends desert her and her family struggles to deal with their own sense of guilt. The pain from each of these people is palpable and poignant. The actions on the part of Valerie, her mother, best friend and even her rapist feel incredibly realistic. At one point, we hear from this young man and my stomach turned to ice simply reading his justifications for his crimes, knowing that a person with this deluded sense of entitlement as a man will most certainly assault another woman. While his words are chilling, they seem typical of a person who has convinced himself that he has done nothing wrong.

I was also seriously disturbed at the actions of the principal. As a teacher, the thought that a man in that position could so blatantly side with the perpetrator of a rape makes me ill. Rape Girl has easily made my list of top books for and is one that I highly recommend to both teens and adults.

May 15, Best rated it it was ok Shelves: teen , ebooks , young-adult , young-adult-contemporary , reviewed , reads , netgalley , arc. It's that girl. That rape girl, right?

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Her friends turn their backs on her because they either really don't believe her, or they just want to still be on Adam's side, the popular people side. Valerie is torn. She's the victim, but people treat her as if she's the guilty one. She's separated from class and can't show her face in public, while the rapist still lives his life normally as if nothing's happened. What's more, Valerie is blamed for making up a story that will keep Adam from his becoming a missionary.

This is ridiculous. While I was drawn to the heavy subject matter of this book at first, I regret to say I didn't like it. I didn't feel connected to Valerie at all. This is probably because the author didn't allow us readers to get to know her that well within the limited pages. Yes, this novel is very short, and that's the problem for me. There's hardly any tension to feel at all. And although this is a young adult contemporary, I feel like Valerie's voice isn't strong enough.

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It sounds like a teen voice, as in a year-old teen complaining about life or something like that. I could hardly feel anything from her words. It's hard to like a character when she doesn't really allow us to feel her emotions, in my opinion. I won't argue that it sucks. Being raped and still getting treated like the wrong one. And having to go through all those tests, rape kits, interrogations, and everyone's whispers and stares are no fun. Your life changes even if you're the victim. I know, it sucks, it's terrible, it's infuriating, and it definitely isn't fair.

But I have to say that the book doesn't portray it that well and is well-developed enough for me to like it. This isn't the best story about a rape victim either.

In the end, it still remains unclear whether or not Valerie can put it behind her and move on. But honestly, I don't care about her enough to want to find out. I received the digital version of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for review. Jul 06, Sarah Workaday Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , 5-stars-in , netgalley. This is a book that everyone needs to read.

Villagers detain soldier after alleged rape of young girl

It very clearly and simply tells a tale that plays out all the time. It's unfortunate, and disgusting, and horrifying, and extremely emotional. The story doesn't just talk about the actual rape, it's about Valerie and how she deals with her situation. This story is so real, it's almost unbelievable. Everything happens quickly, and the things that do happen leave you stunned. Not just the circumstances surrounding the actual rape, but everything that hap This is a book that everyone needs to read.

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Not just the circumstances surrounding the actual rape, but everything that happens after. The fact that people question if Valerie is telling the truth, and how everyone acts and reacts. It's horrifying and rage-inducing. If you haven't read the story yet, do it. If you want to read about how most rape happens and what happens to the victim after, pick up this book. This book should be in every school and public library, in a visible YA location. You want a girl to know about rape and how to overcome it?

Hand her this book.