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The two stars are 23 astronomical units apart and have an orbital period of It is a suspected variable star with a mass 2. It is best seen in the evenings in April. The Big Dipper is circumpolar in most of the northern hemisphere, which means that it does not sink below the horizon at night. The Big Dipper can be found in different parts of the sky at different times of year. In spring and summer, the Big and Little Dippers are higher overhead, and in autumn and winter, they are closer to the horizon. The rule is, spring up and fall down. The appearance of the Big Dipper changes from season to season.

In autumn, it rests on the horizon in the evening. In winter evenings, the handle appears to be dangling from the bowl.

Are freckles dangerous? Dermatologists answer this and more questions about the spots

In spring, it is upside down in the evening hours, and in summer the bowl leans toward the ground. The asterism serves as a guide to a number of bright stars, too. Following the line further leads to Spica , also one of the brightest stars in the sky, located in the constellation Virgo. Two of the stars marking the cup of the Big Dipper lead the way to Polaris , the North Star, and another pair of stars, Megrez and Phecda, point the way to Regulus , the brightest star in Leo and also one of the brightest stars in the night sky, and also to Alphard, the brightest star in Hydra constellation.

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer

The line from Megrez to Dubhe points the way to Capella in Auriga constellation , and one drawn from Megrez to Merak leads to Castor in Gemini when extended by about five times the distance between the two stars. In about 50, years, the stars of the Big Dipper will be at different locations, which will result in the asterism changing shape and facing the opposite way.

Still, as most of the stars that form the asterism all except Alkaid and Dubhe are members of the Ursa Major Moving Group, which means that they share common motion through space, the asterism will not look significantly different. The pattern will be present even , years from now, but the shape of the handle, with Alkaid marking the tip, and the end of the bowl marked by Dubhe, will appear slightly different.

The Big Dipper rotates around the north celestial pole, and always points the way to the North Star.


Since the Little Dipper is not quite as prominent in the sky as its larger neighbour, it is easier to use the stars of the Big Dipper to find both the North Star and true north. To find Polaris , follow the line from the Pointer Stars, Merak and Dubhe, to the first bright star along the same line. That is the North Star.

Merak and Dubhe are the stars that mark the end of the bowl of the Big Dipper. They are called the Pointer Stars because they point the way to Polaris and true north. The Big Dipper is associated with a number of different myths and folk tales in cultures across the world.

Little Bear - What Will Little Bear Wear? / Hide and Seek / Little Bear Goes to the Moon - Ep. 1

In eastern Asia, it is known as the Northern Dipper. The Chinese know the seven stars as the Government, or Tseih Sing.

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In an Arabian story, the stars that form the bowl represent a coffin and the three stars marking the handle are mourners following it. The name of the star Alkaid or Benetnash , located at the tip of the handle, refers to that story.


Some Native American groups saw the bowl as a bear and the three stars of the handle either as three cubs or three hunters following the bear. In more recent history, black slaves in the United States knew the constellation as the Drinking Gourd and used it to find their way north, to freedom.

Any of these findings means it could be or become a small choroidal melanoma. Find an Ophthalmologist. Academy Store. Nevo peca del ojo. Written By: Kierstan Boyd. What Causes Nevi? Nevus on the Outside of the Eye A nevus or eye freckle that can be found on the outside of the eye include the following types: Conjunctival nevus.

A conjunctival nevus is a freckle or mole-like spot on the clear film conjunctiva covering your eyeball. This nevus is a very common type. It ranges from yellow to brown, and it can lighten or darken over time. It is usually not cancerous. However, your ophthalmologist will watch it over time, and if it grows larger, they may check it to see if it becomes a type of cancer called melanoma. Iris freckles. Iris freckles are tiny, dark brown flecks on the surface of the colored part of the eye iris.

Like skin freckles, they are caused by a buildup of melanin pigment. They are harmless and usually do not develop into melanoma. Iris nevi. Like iris freckles, iris nevi are dark spots on the colored iris. However, iris nevi are larger than iris freckles, and they grow down into a part of the iris called the stroma. Iris nevi grow larger with time.

Like iris freckles, these nevi are usually benign not cancerous.

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However, an ophthalmologist will monitor them over time for any changes. Next Nevus Diagnosis and Treatment. Related Ask an Ophthalmologist Answers Should I try a third surgery 2 years after my retina detached?

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How dangerous is a retinal coloboma? Can my retinal thinning be a sign of cognitive decline? Can Plaquenil cause a macular pucker?